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Redecorating has never been this easy
Give your home the touch-ups it deserves
Paint your projects in the blink of an eye

Magnum Airless paint sprayers

Paint like a professional

Magnum painting equipment with airless technology makes painting fast, easy and fun. Magnum has been developed by Graco for occasional use. The Magnum range contains paint sprayers for household use, for handymen and semi-professionals.

Ideal for
household use Ideal for
household use

  • From touch-ups & repairs to small jobs

  • From water- to solvent-based materials

  • From 6 to 8 m2/min.

Ideal for handymen
and professionals Ideal for handymen
and professionals

  • From touch-ups & repairs to large jobs

  • From water- to solvent-based materials

  • From 8 to 18 m2/min.


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